Artificial Intelligence by Mercedes Benz.

This project demonstrates the use of Artificial Intelligence, connecting vehicles with smart homes. It was created for Mercedes-Benz as a showcase at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
The digital persona of the car interacts with other digital personas on the marketplace, solving problems, offering suggestions, and saving time for the driver.

My role

Creative Direction
UX/UI Design


Mercedes Benz

The Map

We designed a fictional city around five real-life scenarios. In order to minimize time under a tight deadline, we visualized the map as an isometric projection.


Each POI (Point of Interest) has its own AI persona that communicates with the AI of the car and the AI of other POIs.


The Home informs the driver once the car is ready according to his standards, broadcasts traffic information and re-connects devices when the car arrives back home.

Office + Delivery

The Office is notified by the Delivery service when a package is received via the trunk of the car.


The School sends a notification to the car if soccer training finishes earlier than expected.

Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop receives an order from the car and notifies the driver that his coffee is ready for pickup and the payment has been received.


The Beach notifies the car about the surf forecast. The car then notifies the driver about the great surf and asks if he would like to send an excuse to his boss for arriving late to work.

Messaging Panel

Talking to AI, just like to your Bestie


Intuitively Intelligent

Every time the car approaches the Geo-fence, the car reconnects all devices. When the car reaches the Geo-fence when leaving, the driver is notified about the option to turn off devices in the home.

Thank You!

Made for Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America in cooperation with ScreamingBox agency. Showcased at CES 2017.
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