The Rules & Laws of Mike Porter

Porter Principles

No Bullshit. No Gimmicks. Just Results

Mike came to us one day with a vision to give the world access to his fitness principals. He wanted an online voice to expand his business. We put up a site for him, with a logo and full branding for Mike in just a few weeks and within his budget.

Within the first month of the site being live Mike has made a positive ROI on his investment and is killing it out there in the fitness world. Go Mike!

  • Timeline
    4 weeks
  • Budget
    3 000£
  • Services
    Design & Development
  • Cooperation
    The Boffin Team

Mapping out the brand

To begin we mapped out what Mike wanted his brand to embody. The voice, the tone and who Mike is as a person. We created a mood board to showcase the different types of images we wanted to associate with his brand. Porters Principles really embodied the old school alpha male gym mentality.

The evolution of presence

Since the Mood Board was already so populated and communication with Mike was so frequent we knew exactly what to do here.

We identified the consumer archetype of who Mike was targeting, defined the colour scheme and the fonts. We wanted to use eventually deciding on a yellow close to that of the infamous "Golds Gym" and a bold old school font.

Wireframing & copywriting

Now that we knew what the brand embodied and who we were targeting; we began to map out the sections of the website. This took a few iterations till we got it just right. Think Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

Feedback & tweaks

The site had been mapped out on Marvel, a tool we use to prototype products. Mike sent it out to some colleagues and we reached out to a few people in the industry to see what they thought. We equated all the feedback into some changes and implemented them in the next couple of days.

It's building time

It was now time to build the site and get it in Mike's hands. We developed the website, optimised for mobile and tablet using Webflow, added some Javascript and had it out the door. We had things nailed down to a point. Take a look, we think it turned out pretty awesome.

Live Website

What did Mike have to say about us?

"What can I say about these guys. They helped me set up my whole business, from branding to development to acquiring new customers and optimisations. These guys are the full package! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to expand their business."

Mike, CEO Porters Principles
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